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DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) + Tech consists of innovations and  necessary efforts to diversify the tech space and uphold equity and inclusion within the world of business and technology. Building a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and acceptance is something that Ross Business + Tech, advocates and values.  Innovators in DEI + Tech are not only working to create a culture that supports all, but also creates data-driven tech solutions to address problems of inequality as a whole.



ENTR 390.050/599.050

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship

This course explores the necessity for creativity and innovation to make project teams smarter and more well rounded. By applying aspects of DEI and valuing both a diverse mindset and character, leaders can achieve their entrepreneurial endeavors with a focus in social change in business.



Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (GEECS) is an undergraduate student organization that encourages the professional, academic, and social development of individuals who identify as women in technology. GEECS focuses on connecting these individuals in tech and creating a supportive environment for all of its members and alumni.

Girls Who Code Loop @ UM

Girls Who Code Loop at the University of Michigan is affiliated with the national organization, Girls Who Code. Members consist of undergraduate women who are interested in and tech, no matter the skill set, major, or previous exposure to tech.  Goals of the organization include working towards equalizing the difference in employment between genders in the tech world, teaching women technical programming/ coding skills, and to redefine the idea of what a programmer looks like.

Michigan Business Women

Michigan Business Women BBA is a club dedicated to providing women with the education, resources and mentorship to be successful. They aim to create awareness of business issues pertaining to women and help our members reach their goals.  Opportunities are vast and provide women with exposure a multitude of business related careers.

Michigan FemTech

Michigan Femtech connects undergraduate students interested women’s health & technology  by cultivating a community interested in learning, advocating and designing with women in mind. By bringing together students across disciplines, Michigan FemTech hope to create a space where students can learn about the future of technology and pioneer new technologies and solutions in the field.

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at the University of Michigan is an organization comprised of both undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ students interested in STEM related fields. Members are provided with networking opportunities, mentorship focused programs, professional development workshops, along with social events that focus on building and supporting the LGBTQ community within STEM.

Women Who Launch

Women Who Launch consists of MBA 1 and 2 women who work to foster gender balance in entrepreneurship and investing. WWL addresses the gender gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by strengthening the pipeline of women entering the industry as founders, investors, or start-up team members.