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Digital marketing consists of marketing that uses the internet and digital technologies to reach consumers. Through digital marketing, wider audiences can be reached as compared to traditional marketing methods. Utilizing algorithms, data collection and data analysis, companies are able to track customer interactions with their advertisements and use this data to improve the marketing of their products in the future.



Anocha Aribarg

Associate Professor of Marketing
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John Branch

Director of Yaffe Digital Media Initiative, Ross School of Business
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Marcus Collins

LEO Intermitted Lecturer Digital Transformation, Strategic Brand Marketing
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Fred Feinberg

Joseph Handleman Professor of Marketing, Professor of Statistics, Chair of Marketing
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Erik Gordon

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Mary Hinesly

Professor of Executive Education, Lecturer IV, Business Communications
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Justin Huang

Assistant Professor or Marketing
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Aradhna Krishna

Dwight F. Benton Professor of Marketing
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Sanjeev Kumar

LEO Lecturer I of Technology and Operations
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Puneet Manchanda

Professor of Marketing
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Venkatram Ramaswam

Professor of Marketing, Computer and Information Systems
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Eric Schwartz

Associate Professor of Marketing
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S Sriram

Professor of Marketing
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TO 572

Applied Business Forecasting I

This course gives students hands-in experience on trend analysis and seasonal forecasting in finance, marketing, and production of products. Using data analysis and presentation skills in management, students will learn how to both talk about, and present findings.

MKT 618

Marketing Research Design and Analysis

Interested in the fields of marketing and data? This course combines the effective measurement and collection of data as well as how to analyze problems in a real-world marketing setting where they can use a combination of state-of-the-art marketing techniques and data to make decisions.

ENTR 390.010

Virtual Reality

Love using Oculus Rift? Interested in 3D Studio Max and 3D modeling? This course give students the opportunity to create digital content for virtual reality platforms and gives a better insight into the field, including possibilities for development, marketing, and distribution.



BBA Marketing Club

The BBA Marketing Club is the University of Michigan’s primary undergraduate business marketing organization open to all  BBA students at Ross. The main goal of the organization is to provide a platform for members to learn more about the field of marketing and pursue career opportunities through exclusive networking events with top companies.

Data Analytics Consulting Club

Data Analytics Consulting Club at the Ross School of Business is comprised of MBA students interested in learning and expanding analytics skills in Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau. The organization provides real-world analytics experience to its members by matching members with organizations that have data-based business questions they are looking to solve. Members are also able to learn from some of the top Technology & Operations and Marketing faculty members in a small group environment.



Girls Who Code Loop @ UM

Girls Who Code Loop at the University of Michigan is affiliated with the national organization, Girls Who Code. Members consist of undergraduate women who are interested in and tech, no matter the skill set, major, or previous exposure to tech.  Goals of the organization include working towards equalizing the difference in employment between genders in the tech world, teaching women technical programming/ coding skills, and to redefine the idea of what a programmer looks like.

VOID Tech Consulting

VOID Tech Consulting at the University of Michigan is made up of undergraduate students interested in consulting and Technology. VOID gives members real-world software development experience through learning opportunities to educate students as well as hands-on projects to help develop skills. VOID bring together student developers, designers, and PM’s to partner with local businesses to create beautiful, functional websites.