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Tech start ups are newly formed companies built to offer  products and solutions that typically aim to solve specific problems in the area of information technology.  Often backed by venture capitalists, these companies can have goals of high growth with the intent of going public, or to be acquired by another company.



Allan Afuah

Professor of Strategy
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Mike Barger

Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration
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Josh Botkin

Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Studies
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Felipe Csaszar

Professor of Strategy
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Erik Gordon

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Bill Lovejoy

Raymond T. J. Perring Family Professor of Business Administration
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Nigel Melville

Associate Professor of Technology and Operations
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Rashmi Menon

LEO Lecturer II
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Anuradha Nagarajan

Lecturer of Strategy
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Vijay Pandiarajan

Lecturer II of Technology and Operations
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Jim Price

Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Studies
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S Sriram

Professor of Marketing
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Eric Svaan

Lecturer of Technology and operations and Integrated Product Development
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Business Model Innovation

Curious on how to transform the business world through developing a new, innovative business strategy? This course is aimed at students primarily interested in venture capital or strategy who want to learn about constructing a proper model that ensures success for both short and long term ventures.

TO 567

Data Mining and Applied Multivariate Analysis

Curious about how data across the internet can be used into powerful information that transforms company projections? This course is designed to give students insight into managerial decisions by using data reduction techniques like multivariate regression, factor analysis and more with statistical software.

ES 516

Entrepreneurship via Acquisitions

This course provides an interesting approach to real-world entrepreneurship, focusing on the acquisition of an existing firm. This class gives students the space to explore and address a range of issues of entrepreneurship acquisition, such as restructuring and the LBO search fun to improve their new business.

ES 515

Introduction to Entreprenerurship

Interested in starting a new business? Curious about venturing and business fundamentals? This class teaches mainly MBA students on how to start, grow, and run a successful startup through speaker series, class discussions, and more from experienced professionals in the entrepreneurial world.

ES 615

New Venture Creation

This capstone course explores methodologies for planning and starting entrepreneurial ventures as well as new business development and market-entry sources. Team based projects allow students to research and formulate a business plan and investment pitch.

ENTR 390.013

TechLab at MCity

Curious about autonomous vehicles or autonomous mobility? Dedicated to gain experience with cutting edge technology in order to develop and implement your project into reality? This course gives students a deep dive into the transportation industry using tech and strategic discussion as key steps to achieve success.

MO 602

The Psychology of Start-up Teams (MBA Course)

9 out of 10 start-up teams fail. The majority of these failures lie in the people dynamics within the start-up team. This course is designed to focus on how start-ups can manage the people problems and challenges core to start-up life

ES 623

Venture Capital Finance

This course covers venture capital market structure and institutional arrangements and the application of financial theory and methods in a venture capital finance setting. Students are given financial case studies in the real-world to help cultivate their experience in working with early stage tech firms.



APEX Consulting

APEX consulting student-run consulting organization for undergraduates at the University of Michigan. They specialize in providing quality pro-bono consulting services to local businesses, startups, and nonprofits each semester through an entrepreneurial approach.

BOND Consulting

BOND Consulting works with local businesses, startups, and non- profits in the Ann Arbor area to achieve their goals and find solutions to problems, while fostering an environment that allow members to learn valuable skills and build a tight-knit community.

Data Analytics Consulting Club

Data Analytics Consulting Club at the Ross School of Business is comprised of MBA students interested in learning and expanding analytics skills in Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau. The organization provides real-world analytics experience to its members by matching members with organizations that have data-based business questions they are looking to solve. Members are also able to learn from some of the top Technology & Operations and Marketing faculty members in a small group environment.



MPowered Entrepreneurship

MPowered is broken up into six teams, each led by two Project Directors. Once you join, you’ll be placed as a “talent member” onto one of them. Each of these teams leads a unique, year-long initiative either across campus or within MPowered itself.

Ross Tech Club

The Tech Club at Ross is offers programs, events, and resources to their members that connect MBAs with the tech companies  they are interested in working with and learning about. They  work with recruiters from tech firms of all sizes to provide students with diverse opportunities for full -time roles and internships within these firms.

UpRound Ventures

UpRound Ventures the first full service venture capital firm run by undergraduate students at the University of Michigan. Members of UpRound source, fund, and accelerate high growth startups. The goal of the organization is to recruit entrepreneurial students interested in helping grow startups and to provide venture education to new members.

VOID Tech Consulting

VOID Tech Consulting at the University of Michigan is made up of undergraduate students interested in consulting and Technology. VOID gives members real-world software development experience through learning opportunities to educate students as well as hands-on projects to help develop skills. VOID bring together student developers, designers, and PM’s to partner with local businesses to create beautiful, functional websites.

Wolverine Capital Investments

Wolverine Capital Investments is one of the University of Michigan’s largest undergraduate investment clubs. Their mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skill set to become successful investors. Students leverage research and in-depth analysis to identify investment opportunities while also focusing of professional development and philanthropy.

Women Who Launch

Women Who Launch consists of MBA 1 and 2 women who work to foster gender balance in entrepreneurship and investing. WWL addresses the gender gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by strengthening the pipeline of women entering the industry as founders, investors, or start-up team members.