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U-M Ross Business + Tech
U-M Ross Business + Tech
U-M Ross Business + Tech

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Launch your Big Idea Alongside a Diverse +Tech Team

Designed to mimic a real-world team of product managers, technical architects, business analysts, UX/UI designers, and project managers, the Business+Tech Innovation Jam is a 6-week program that takes teams of five multidisplinary students through three phases of competition that mimic critical aspects of the product development process.

Why Participate in the Jam?

Get hands-on experience

Join a Jam team as a technical architect, product manager, UX/UI designer, business analyst, or project manager and propel your tech career forward

Receive 1:1 metorship

Learn from alumni and industry experts with experience marketing and building digital products on topics such personas, wireframes, and pitch decks

Win up to $5,000

Compete for cash, prizes, and a slot in the acclaimed Ross LBLE course to further develop your idea

Program Structure

The competition is designed to support and guide teams as they learn critical tech skills to function on a tech team. Participants don’t have to have any tech knowledge. Through our workshops, virtual meetings with mentors, and deliverables, you’ll complete the competition having a greater understanding of tech.

Team Formation Kickoff | Phase 1  | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Finale 

Two things to note:

1) you can join as a team or form you’re own (we’ll have a kickoff to help facilitate this)

2) you’ll either come up with a cause you want to tackle alongside your team, pitch an idea you have in mind to your team, or choose from prompts provided


2023 Winners

First Place

AFFIRMATIVE leverages AI to offer cost-effective care navigation services, via subscription, directly to transgender patients. 

Team: Matthew Liu (MBA), Zhenqi Wang (LSA), Seoyoon Chang (LSA), Irene Chung (SI), and Karishma Lunawat (OYM)

Second Place

NADA is a dating app with unique product features that are focused on making enuine connections and giving users in-time feedback on their profile.

Team: Michael Sheehan (MBA), Karen Chen (LSA), Jialan Ren (SI), Catherine Zhou (SI), Vaibhav Mittal (MBA), and Daniel Ryou (OYM)

Third Place

Be Well is a tool that helps patients choose a medication plan that is both affordable and suitable for them.

Team: Ashank Dubey (MBA), Dushyant Khanduja (MBA), Carleen Liu (SI), Kaixin Feng (CoE), Xuling Yang (CoE), and Ruijie Zhao (SI)

2022 Winners

First Place

CORE is a no code, customizable, and easy to deploy research kit.

Team: Akbar Arsiwala (MBA), Alyssa Ciapala (MBA), Ethan Marshall (CSE), Karthik Ramani (EMBA), Rithvik Vanga (CSE), Riya Dev (CSE)

Second Place (tied)

Energyapp is a home energy performance app that diagnoses hot and cold spots while connecting homeowners with a contractor.

Team: Claire McKenna (PhD), Shantonio Birch (PhD), Krishna Rao (MA), Mahalakshmi (MA), Cassie Zhang (BA)

Second Place (tied)

CliMates is a platform that allows people to discover impactful climate projects to invest in.

Team: Akhila Kosaraju (M.Des), Isha Goel (MA), Christopher Okumura (BA)

2021 Winners

First Place

Oudiois an ‘imperfect’ social media platformm, utilizing ‘voice’ as a medium, where honest dialogues will make each other’s life more relatable, form deeper connections, and further foster meaningful communities. 

Team: Didsayachai Priungruag (MBA ‘22), Jihee Yoon (MSI ‘23), Zelda Hu (MSI ‘23), Akhila Kosaraju (M.Des ‘23)

Second Place

Cele (Sell-ee) is reimagining the gifting experience by using A.I. to identify gift recommendations that are curated and personalized to each specific user and each of their loved ones.

Team: Devlin McConnell (MBA ‘22), Cory Cooney (MBA ’23), Karon (KJ) Green (MSI/MBA ’24)

Third Place

Hand in Hand works to connect interested volunteers with the right organizations.

Team: Lilly Wu (B.A. & PiTE, ’23), April Tsai, (B.A. ’23)