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Health tech is technology that works towards developing solutions to world health issues. From devices that track health and fitness or innovations in medicines and vaccines, to newly developed technologies that aid medical procedures, health tech strives to improve quality of life.



Ravi Anupindi

Professor of Technology & Operations
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Josh Botkin

Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Studies
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Erik Gordon

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Wally Hopp

C.K. Prahalad Distinguished University Professor of Business and Engineering
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Mike Johnson

LEO Intermittent Lecturer
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Jun Li

Associate Profession of Technology and Operations, Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
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John Silberholz

Assistant Professor for Technology and Operations
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ENTR 599.737

Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy

This course explores the basics surrounding a new business development model in the world of pharmacy and healthcare. Topics include ventures into new drugs, delivery systems for medication, as well as community and social pharmacy with a key emphasis on intellectual property rights and marketing.



Learning and Education Technology at the School of Information (LETSI)

Learning and Education Technology at the School of Information (LETSI) exists for those interested in intersection of People, Technology, and Learning/Education. The primary mission of LETSI is to promote collaboration between designers and practitioners interested in EdTech and build a community to facilitate such collaboration. LETSI will increase exposure to the variety of career options available within the field of educational and learning technology.

Medical Innovation Group

Medical Innovations Group is a community of graduate students and faculty at the University of Michigan who are excited about solving big problems in health and medicine with a combination of technology and business. MIG provides educational seminars, networking coffee sessions and connects students with projects and mentors.