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Comprehending large data sets, evaluating data with a critical eye, and utilizing data to make informed decisions are ALL skills that are essential to thrive in the tech industry. Every January, Business+Tech hosts the Data Download and Datathon Competition, in partnership with tech consulting firms PwC and Deloitte, for participants to practice analyzing a real-world problem.


Data Download

6 workshops geared toward advancing your data analytics skills through a +tech lens. These sessions help prepare students to excel in the Datathon Competition and win the $3,000 grand prize. Session topics include: Storytelling with Data, PowerExcel, Tableau Bootcamp, SQL Bootcamp, and more. 

Datathon Competition

During this week-long hack-a-thon style competition, interdisciplinary student teams use data as the primary basis for developing creative solutions to a real-world problem. Once the problem statement and data set are released at the kickoff, teams of 5-6 students have a week to 1) analyze a large data set, 2) propose a compelling solution, and 3) persuade a panel of judges.

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**The next Data Download and Datathon Competition will be in Winter 2025. 

Program Schedule

Competition Kickoff

Participants will be introduced to the data set, problem statement and their team! Along with team building exercises, the event on February 5th will feature a keynote speaker related to the competition theme (which isn’t revealed until the kickoff!).

Virtual Office Hours

The office hours on February 8th and 9th are an opportunity to network and consult with various PwC and Deloitte employees along with School of Information and Ross School of Business professors. As experts in the data analytics field, they’ll be able to provide thoughtful advice on your competition progress.

Finale and Social Hour

Datathon Competition participants will get a chance to meet with several recruiters and partners of PwC and Deloitte during the networking event before the finale on February 12th. At the finale, teams will be selected to pitch in front of the judges for a chance to win up to $3,000.

2024 Winners

Dataset Theme: Carbon Emissions

First Place

Team Byte Club

  • Makayla Beardsley, Data Science
  • Nolan Birkeland, Computer Science
  • Atul Gera, Computer Science
  • NaveenJohn Premkumar, Computer Science
  • Julia Spilkin, Data Science
  • Alan Tommy, Computer Science

Second Place

Team Repair

  • Richard Shu, Supply Chain Management
  • Viktor Solansky, MBA
  • Amy Sun

Third Place

Team TwinData Titans

  • Manisa Mondal, MBA
  • Lasya Priya Gulibhi, MBA
  • Sneha Priya Kannan, MBA
  • Lakshmi Priya Kannan, MBA
  • Reden Tanago, MBA
  • Tishir Chhaparia, MBA

2023 Winners

Dataset Theme: Flight and Airlines

First Place

Team Hakuna MaData

  • Mora Guyot, BA
  • Lauren Kendrick, BA
  • Brian Wheeler, BA and Computer Science
  • Max Xie, BA
  • Adona Yu, BA

Second Place

Team The Plan Truth Seekers

  • Nikhil Baldwa, MBA
  • Stephen Hartono, MBA
  • Vinayak Mishra, MBA
  • Akshit Sehgal, MBA
  • Aarohee Vaidya, MBA


Third Place

Team First Class

  • Alyssa Fletcher, BA
  • Dylan Mandelblatt, BA
  • Ryan O’Connor, Computer Science
  • Avi Bhattacharya, Computer Science

Common Questions

How are competition teams formed?
Do I register individually or as a team?
Do I need prior tech knowledge to participate?
Can I participate in the Datathon workshops if I am not registered for the competition?