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The student organizations and clubs across campus are providing students with opportunities to advance tech literacy and explore their interests in tech. Learn hands-on skills and create innovative solutions to real-world problems along side groups of driven future leaders in tech.


Alternative Investments Club

The Alternative Investments Club AIC is a premier finance-focused student organization at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business offered to undergraduate students. In joining AIC, members become well-versed in alternative asset classes, financial markets, and valuations, while simultaneously immersing themselves in a tightly-knit network of diverse, driven students and alumni working at top financial institutions.

APEX Consulting

APEX consulting student-run consulting organization for undergraduates at the University of Michigan. They specialize in providing quality pro-bono consulting services to local businesses, startups, and nonprofits each semester through an entrepreneurial approach.

BBA Marketing Club

The BBA Marketing Club is the University of Michigan’s primary undergraduate business marketing organization open to all  BBA students at Ross. The main goal of the organization is to provide a platform for members to learn more about the field of marketing and pursue career opportunities through exclusive networking events with top companies.

BOND Consulting

BOND Consulting works with local businesses, startups, and non- profits in the Ann Arbor area to achieve their goals and find solutions to problems, while fostering an environment that allow members to learn valuable skills and build a tight-knit community.

Data Analytics Consulting Club

Data Analytics Consulting Club at the Ross School of Business is comprised of MBA students interested in learning and expanding analytics skills in Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau. The organization provides real-world analytics experience to its members by matching members with organizations that have data-based business questions they are looking to solve. Members are also able to learn from some of the top Technology & Operations and Marketing faculty members in a small group environment.




Design+Business at the Ross School of business is open to MBA students with the goal of fostering design-thinking in their members when solving business challenges relating to a diverse corporations within the business and technology industry. D+B hosts design thinking education workshops and provides members with early access to courses led by top Michigan design thinking professors.

Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (GEECS) is an undergraduate student organization that encourages the professional, academic, and social development of individuals who identify as women in technology. GEECS focuses on connecting these individuals in tech and creating a supportive environment for all of its members and alumni.

Girls Who Code Loop @ UM

Girls Who Code Loop at the University of Michigan is affiliated with the national organization, Girls Who Code. Members consist of undergraduate women who are interested in and tech, no matter the skill set, major, or previous exposure to tech.  Goals of the organization include working towards equalizing the difference in employment between genders in the tech world, teaching women technical programming/ coding skills, and to redefine the idea of what a programmer looks like.

Kappa Theta Pi

Kappa Theta Pi is the University of Michigan’s first professional technology fraternity open to undergraduate students. Kappa Theta Pi offers brothers the support and resources that advance their understanding of the tech world and tech related skills.  From project teams and study groups to professional development workshops and hackathons / design jams, KTP aims to create a culture of growth where brothers are supported and encouraged to pursue opportunities related to their passions for tech.

Learning and Education Technology at the School of Information (LETSI)

Learning and Education Technology at the School of Information (LETSI) exists for those interested in intersection of People, Technology, and Learning/Education. The primary mission of LETSI is to promote collaboration between designers and practitioners interested in EdTech and build a community to facilitate such collaboration. LETSI will increase exposure to the variety of career options available within the field of educational and learning technology.

MBA FinTech Club at Michigan Ross

The MBA FinTech Club at Michigan Ross (MFCM) seeks to promote FinTech opportunities and knowledge through educational workshops, industry speakers, networking opportunities with companies to enhance career connections.

Medical Innovation Group

Medical Innovations Group is a community of graduate students and faculty at the University of Michigan who are excited about solving big problems in health and medicine with a combination of technology and business. MIG provides educational seminars, networking coffee sessions and connects students with projects and mentors.

Michigan Business Women

Michigan Business Women BBA is a club dedicated to providing women with the education, resources and mentorship to be successful. They aim to create awareness of business issues pertaining to women and help our members reach their goals.  Opportunities are vast and provide women with exposure a multitude of business related careers.

Michigan Data Science Team

Michigan Data Science Team ( MDST ) is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Michigan who are interested in learning about data science. MDST is dedicated to educating students about the practical applications of data science through team projects, coding workshops, and social events throughout the semester.

Michigan FemTech

Michigan Femtech connects undergraduate students interested women’s health & technology  by cultivating a community interested in learning, advocating and designing with women in mind. By bringing together students across disciplines, Michigan FemTech hope to create a space where students can learn about the future of technology and pioneer new technologies and solutions in the field.

Michigan Soccer Analytics Society

Michigan Soccer Analytics Society is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Michigan. The purpose of the organization is to give students a platform to discuss and learn about data analytics and in-game tactics in professional soccer. Students will be able to learn and demonstrate their understanding through presentations and group discussions, along with writing articles based on their analysis.

Michigan Sports Analytics Society

Michigan Sports Analytics society is open to undergraduate students interested in the intersection of technology and sport. Students focus on learning about the importance of data analytics within sports and how data is changing the future of competition. Students are encouraged to learn through collaboration on research projects that enhance their understanding of data collection and analysis within the world of sports.

Michigan Undergraduate Students of Statistics

Michigan Undergraduate Students of Statistics is a student-run organization sponsored by the Statistics Department.  The organization aims to provide academic and career resources for undergraduate students interested in the field of statistics and its many applications. MUgSS offers a variety of events, including recruiting events, mentorship programs, and technical workshops to help students grow their interests and skill set within the field of statistics.


MPowered Entrepreneurship

MPowered is broken up into six teams, each led by two Project Directors. Once you join, you’ll be placed as a “talent member” onto one of them. Each of these teams leads a unique, year-long initiative either across campus or within MPowered itself.

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at the University of Michigan is an organization comprised of both undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ students interested in STEM related fields. Members are provided with networking opportunities, mentorship focused programs, professional development workshops, along with social events that focus on building and supporting the LGBTQ community within STEM.

Ross Tech Club

The Tech Club at Ross is offers programs, events, and resources to their members that connect MBAs with the tech companies  they are interested in working with and learning about. They  work with recruiters from tech firms of all sizes to provide students with diverse opportunities for full -time roles and internships within these firms.

Tau Chi Epsilon

Tau Chi Epsilon (TXE), est. 2020 at the University of Michigan, is a professional organization open to undergraduate students,  aimed to nurture exceptional leaders in technology. The mission of TXE is to bring resources and guidance to well-rounded individuals with a great interest in technology to help students become future leaders in tech.

Thomas C. Jones Initiative for Innovation in Undergraduate Education

Thomas C. Jones Initiative for Innovation in Undergraduate Education provides the Michigan Ross BBA program with resources to enable continuous enhancement and innovation. Jones Initiative works towards advancements that include additional undergraduate courses, the expansion of experiential learning opportunities, and the transition to a four-year program.

UpRound Ventures

UpRound Ventures the first full service venture capital firm run by undergraduate students at the University of Michigan. Members of UpRound source, fund, and accelerate high growth startups. The goal of the organization is to recruit entrepreneurial students interested in helping grow startups and to provide venture education to new members.

VOID Tech Consulting

VOID Tech Consulting at the University of Michigan is made up of undergraduate students interested in consulting and Technology. VOID gives members real-world software development experience through learning opportunities to educate students as well as hands-on projects to help develop skills. VOID bring together student developers, designers, and PM’s to partner with local businesses to create beautiful, functional websites.

Wolverine Capital Investments

Wolverine Capital Investments is one of the University of Michigan’s largest undergraduate investment clubs. Their mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skill set to become successful investors. Students leverage research and in-depth analysis to identify investment opportunities while also focusing of professional development and philanthropy.

Women Who Launch

Women Who Launch consists of MBA 1 and 2 women who work to foster gender balance in entrepreneurship and investing. WWL addresses the gender gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by strengthening the pipeline of women entering the industry as founders, investors, or start-up team members.

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