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Digital operations is the process of digitizing and integrating processes across multiple areas of a company, from product development to manufacturing, logistics and service.  This enables an organization to optimize internal processes to align its supply chain with customer demand, and to drive sustainable and profitable results.



Hyun-Soo Ahn

Professor of Technology and Operations
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Ravi Anupindi

Professor of Technology & Operations
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Damian Beil

Chair of Technology and Operations
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Iveta Brigis

Lecturer in Management & Organizations
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Wally Hopp

C.K. Prahalad Distinguished University Professor of Business and Engineering
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Roman Kapuscinski

Professor of Manufacturing Management, Professor of Technology and Operations
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Murat Koksalan

LEO Intermittent Lecturer of Technology and Operations
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M.S. Krishnan

Faculty Director of Business+Tech, Professor of Technology & Operations
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Sanjeev Kumar

LEO Lecturer I of Technology and Operations
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Nigel Melville

Associate Professor of Technology and Operations
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Tariq Mughal

LEO Lecturer I in Technology & Operations
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Fredrik Odegaard

Associate Professor of Technology and Operations
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Venkatram Ramaswam

Professor of Marketing, Computer and Information Systems
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Eric Svaan

Lecturer of Technology and operations and Integrated Product Development
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TO 482

Action Learning Projects in Operations, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management

This course provides students with supply chain management problems throughout a semester-long learning project alongside AT Kearney to provide applications of operations and supply chain management.

TO 618

Applied Business Analytics and Decisions

This course provides students with three main goals: developing the ability to identify key drivers in decisions and analytical models, learning complex tools to solve operational, and strategic business problems, and the ability to present analytical findings in a simplified way.

TO 572

Applied Business Forecasting I

This course gives students hands-in experience on trend analysis and seasonal forecasting in finance, marketing, and production of products. Using data analysis and presentation skills in management, students will learn how to both talk about, and present findings.

TO 435

Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Operations

Business and economics is purely a people’s game. In this course, students will learn how people process information and make decisions from all aspects of the business model. Furthermore, students understand the implications and consequences of managerial tech choices, good and bad.

TO 300

Business Information Systems

Curious about how information in tech is streamlined so efficiently? Questioning how organizations and firms develop, acquire and implement information systems? This course provides students with the knowledge and applications to become proficient in understanding how information influences management and growth in the business world.

TO 412

Data Driven Management Decision Making

Interested in using programming and software to visualize large sets of data? This class places students in teams to apply their knowledge of big data analysis to real world situations to give perspective into corporate data management.

TO 448

Integrated Product Development

Looking for a team based project learning initiative centered in product development? This course allows students to be well versed in cross-disciplinary fields to give them experience in Human Centered Product Design and to test their ultimate product in the market.

TO 421


Interested in how products go from one point to another? How do you manage consumer demand and transportation? This course answers these questions and more, including how to control storage, sales orders, and logistical networks and is perfect for the entrepreneurial mind.

MKT 630

Marketing Engineering and Analytics

This course provides students with a technological approach to marketing, focusing on accessible analytic techniques that allow you to target customers and optimize product attributes to your demographic as well as calibrating costs and expected returns.


New Age of Innovation

Interested in diving into the nature of competition and how firms succeed in a competitive environment? This course explores the the aspects of business innovation, characterizing social and technical architecture within the firm as two enablers to success in a emerging tech world.

ES 605

New Product and Innovation Management

This course explores productive development processes as well as avenues to use analytical techniques and strategies to best time a new product launch. Rooted in creativity as well, this course challenges students to generate new, innovative ideas while maintaining a quantitative focus on managerial issues.

TO 313

Operations Management

Understanding the physical and information processes in product development is crucial to pleasing your customers. This course give students managerial development and allows students to use analysis to improve their firm’s performance.

TO 470

Revenue Management

This course explores Demand Management and how to apply logistics, e-commerce, advertisements, to companies. Taking real world examples, students will use Excel and R to make optimization models that allow them to see the best revenue management options.

BCOM 329

Social Media and the Changing Nature of Business Communication

Social media and technology has transformed the digital world. Business communications have been rapidly changing and evolving as new platforms come out. Students will learn about contemporary digital communication channels that corporations use and their strengths and weaknesses, focusing on delivery strategy and argument support.

ENTR 520.001

Technology-Inspired Business Models

Ready to create your business centered around tech business models? This course gives students analysis on value chains for products to market, communication skills in innovation marketing, and improve sustainable models for modern day revenue stream tactics using tech.


A2 Data Drive

A2 Data Drive at the University of Michigan is made up of undergraduate students of all backgrounds who are interested in learning about data and how to use it. Open to all students, A2 Date Drive host a variety of technical workshops and data dives/jams that aim to help students of all experience levels become comfortable with data collection, analysis, and presentation.

Data Analytics Consulting Club

Data Analytics Consulting Club at the Ross School of Business is comprised of MBA students interested in learning and expanding analytics skills in Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau. The organization provides real-world analytics experience to its members by matching members with organizations that have data-based business questions they are looking to solve. Members are also able to learn from some of the top Technology & Operations and Marketing faculty members in a small group environment.



Michigan Data Science Team

Michigan Data Science Team ( MDST ) is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Michigan who are interested in learning about data science. MDST is dedicated to educating students about the practical applications of data science through team projects, coding workshops, and social events throughout the semester.

Michigan Undergraduate Students of Statistics

Michigan Undergraduate Students of Statistics is a student-run organization sponsored by the Statistics Department.  The organization aims to provide academic and career resources for undergraduate students interested in the field of statistics and its many applications. MUgSS offers a variety of events, including recruiting events, mentorship programs, and technical workshops to help students grow their interests and skill set within the field of statistics.