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Just as legendary Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler famously said it’s all about “The Team, “The Team, The Team”, for us it is all about The Tech, The Tech, The Tech.

The Tech, The Tech, The Tech, encompasses the rapidly growing world of emerging technologies. Emerging technologies are technologies and innovative concepts that have only been recently explored due to new technological advancements solving widely diverse problems and working toward making our world more efficient and digitalized. Some of these include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing.



Hila Etzion Etzion

LEO Lecturer IV of Technology and Operations
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M.S. Krishnan

Faculty Director of Business+Tech, Professor of Technology & Operations
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Sanjeev Kumar

LEO Lecturer I of Technology and Operations
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Reuven Lehavy

Professor of Accounting
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Puneet Manchanda

Professor of Marketing
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Nigel Melville

Associate Professor of Technology and Operations
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Rashmi Menon

LEO Lecturer II
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Eric Schwartz

Associate Professor of Marketing
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Andrew Wu

Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations and Finance
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ENTR 390.009

3D Printing and Prototyping

Want to make new and inventive ideas into reality? Interested in 3D Printing and scanning designs into real tangible creations? This course gives students the fundamental tools to operate 3D printing software, using programs like CAD and RP&M applications.

TO 414

Advanced Analytics for Management Consulting

Ideal for students interested in data analytics and Big Data, this course provides students with proper preparations for consulting and business decisions using statistical reasoning as well as real life case contexts and datasets.

TO 628

Advanced Big Data Analytics

Machine Learning and Big Data are the growing standard in automation. This course teaches MBA students how to transform Big Data into manageable chunks that are able to be analyzed by ML platforms. Students will use data analysis platforms and programming languages like R to further decision making.

TO 415

Advanced Excel Skills with VBA

This course gives students a further understanding of VBA in Excel for automation and time consuming tasks as well as data manipulation that are ideal for finance and marketing professionals.

TO 425

Analytical Problem Solving with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and hands-on analytics are incredibly valuable to students pursuing data management or understanding. This course is designed to give students case studies and projects to help improve their interpretation of models and simulations to make business decisions

TO 618

Applied Business Analytics and Decisions

This course provides students with three main goals: developing the ability to identify key drivers in decisions and analytical models, learning complex tools to solve operational, and strategic business problems, and the ability to present analytical findings in a simplified way.

TO 502

Applied Business Statistics

This course gives MBA students a general overview of using statistical analysis with Excel. Using confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, students will make business decisions and apply data to formulate concepts and answers.

TO 566

Applied Regression and Data Analysis

This course takes a deep dive into statistical analysis, using analysis of variance, covariance, and weighted least squares to understand the capabilities and limitations of statistics in business. Examples and exercises come from finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and more!

TO 435

Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Operations

Business and economics is purely a people’s game. In this course, students will learn how people process information and make decisions from all aspects of the business model. Furthermore, students understand the implications and consequences of managerial tech choices, good and bad.

FIN 342

Big Data in Finance

Interested in investment strategies and portfolio theories? This course gives students trading strategies through data analysis and giving them insight into bonds, equities, and commodities by evaluating financial data to their benefit.

TO 404

Big Data Manipulation and Visualization

Big Data’s complexity is both incredibly useful and daunting. This course teaches students how to use nontraditional tools to use Big Data to their competitive advantage by helping them build visualizations that have explain the meaning behind big data analysis.

TO 301

Business Analytics and Statistics

Fundamental to all Ross BBAs, this course provides students with the ability to use statistics and analysis to make proper business decisions. Students use model-building and real data sets to provide communication about data and is essential for finance, marking, and strategy alike.

TO 300

Business Information Systems

Curious about how information in tech is streamlined so efficiently? Questioning how organizations and firms develop, acquire and implement information systems? This course provides students with the knowledge and applications to become proficient in understanding how information influences management and growth in the business world.


Business Model Innovation

Curious on how to transform the business world through developing a new, innovative business strategy? This course is aimed at students primarily interested in venture capital or strategy who want to learn about constructing a proper model that ensures success for both short and long term ventures.

TO 412

Data Driven Management Decision Making

Interested in using programming and software to visualize large sets of data? This class places students in teams to apply their knowledge of big data analysis to real world situations to give perspective into corporate data management.

TO 567

Data Mining and Applied Multivariate Analysis

Curious about how data across the internet can be used into powerful information that transforms company projections? This course is designed to give students insight into managerial decisions by using data reduction techniques like multivariate regression, factor analysis and more with statistical software.

SI 206

Data-Oriented Programming

Students in this course develop skills in programming and software development, allowing them to gain experience in working with data structures, programming languages, and the processing of data through manipulation.

TO 428

FinTech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Other Technology Innovations

Interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Paypal, and more? This course gives an introduction into the rapidly expanding digital world of Blockchain and technology. P2P Lending, mobile payments, robo-advising are just some of the topics alongside crypto this course explores!

ENTR 390.008

Hardware, Coding, and IoT

Sensors, software, and other technologies embody Internet of Things (IoT). This course allows students to grasp a basic understanding of coding and electronics as well as putting ideas into action by integrating concepts and sketches into final projects.

TO 448

Integrated Product Development

Looking for a team based project learning initiative centered in product development? This course allows students to be well versed in cross-disciplinary fields to give them experience in Human Centered Product Design and to test their ultimate product in the market.

BL 509

Intellectual Property Law

As technology and its implications expand across our business world, students must be cautious and reminded of the legal bounds of tech. This course explores issues ranging from copyright (ownership and acquisition) to patent law, to technology issues.

TO 420

Introduction to Coding with Python

The language of tech has never been more important. This course allows BBA students with no prior programming experience to learn and advance their tech skills through the language of Python. Students will learn about conditions, structures, and iterations in the language.

SI 110

Introduction to Information Studies

This course provides fundamental knowledge into the world of technology, asking questions about the practicality of certain inventions and concepts to a multitude of tech based phenomenon all beginning with the Information Age, giving students a great grasp of basic information issues.

TO 421


Interested in how products go from one point to another? How do you manage consumer demand and transportation? This course answers these questions and more, including how to control storage, sales orders, and logistical networks and is perfect for the entrepreneurial mind.

MKT 630

Marketing Engineering and Analytics

This course provides students with a technological approach to marketing, focusing on accessible analytic techniques that allow you to target customers and optimize product attributes to your demographic as well as calibrating costs and expected returns.

ES 615

New Venture Creation

This capstone course explores methodologies for planning and starting entrepreneurial ventures as well as new business development and market-entry sources. Team based projects allow students to research and formulate a business plan and investment pitch.

TO 313

Operations Management

Understanding the physical and information processes in product development is crucial to pleasing your customers. This course give students managerial development and allows students to use analysis to improve their firm’s performance.

SI 260

Opportunity in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Automation is a driver for new and rapid change, but also has dangers of job loss and unemployment. This course explores the role of AI and the ramifications of its growing increase as well as the potential benefits of more and more intelligent machines in the modern tech world.

TO 411

Support with Excel

Decisions are data driven and there is no more worldwide tool than excel. Students learn about data analysis from database spreadsheets and later taking this information and applying it to real world models to improve their ability to understand spreadsheet meanings.

ENTR 390.006

Voice User Interface (Amazon Alexa)

Interested in AI and how voice-user interface influences buyers and future tech? This course explores creating technology through Echo Dot and Echo Show devices and applying functional skills in the field of AI.